Bigger Offering

Pastor, 6 Actionable Steps to Receive a Bigger Offering THIS Sunday!

NEVER be afraid to encourage people to give. Photo courtesy of Jesus taught constantly on money and possessions. Don’t believe me? Consider this: Jesus talked about money more than He did Heaven and Hell combined. Jesus talked about money more than anything except the Kingdom of God. 11 of the 39 Biblical parables deal…

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1st Commandment of a Struggling Church

The 1st Commandment of a Struggling Church

When is the last time your church took a long, hard look at its ministry motives? I have no doubt that your church has a heart to reach the unsaved. But if someone took a look at your budget, would it reflect that? Jesus never commanded anyone to be comfortable and maintain the status quo.…

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16 Smart Questions

16 Smart Questions Every Church Leader Must Ask!

If you want your church to be more effective in reaching people for Jesus, it’s important to constantly improve. Learn what works. Learn what doesn’t. Make changes. Here are 16 smart questions that all pastors & church leaders must ask. Photo courtesy of Is the church as hungry as it used to be? Reaching…

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Joy of Generosity

The Joy of Generosity: 10 Reasons Why Christians Should Love to Give

I can’t even fathom the impact the church could have on the world if every Christian discovered the joy of generosity. Seriously, take a minute to think about it. Imagine what Christian outreach might look like if the church wasn’t constrained by a lack of financial resources. Photo courtesy of Here’s a fact: “Every…

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Pastors Should Earn Meager Salaries

Pastors Should Earn Meager Salaries (And 7 Other Church Money Myths)

Speaking on money from the pulpit is not taboo. If you’re a pastor, you should teach on money often. Your congregation is hungry for it. Here are the 8 most common church money myths that I’ve encountered. Photo courtesy of Debunking 8 Common Church Money Myths “All the church cares about is my money.”…

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Economic Atheist

Economic Atheist: Denying God’s Existence in Your Personal Finances

Let me pose this question to you: Can a person be a spirit-led follower of Christ, but deny His existence in their finances? Photo courtesy of ALIVE Wesleyan Church Before I answer that question, let me be crystal clear on 2 things: Salvation can’t be bought. You can’t “give” your way into Heaven. In fact,…

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4 Undeniable Characteristics of a Generosity Church

Four Undeniable Characteristics of a Generous Church

It’s easy for a church to get its priorities out of order. In an attempt to grow the church’s influence and impact, we often get things backwards. So, what exactly should today’s church look like? Photo courtesy of   Look at what Acts 2:44-47 says: 44 And all the believers met together in one…

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4 Stages of Giving

Growing Generosity: The 4 Stages of Giving

Only a few years ago, money was my number one lust. Giving it away definitely wasn’t on my radar. But lucky for me, generosity is an acquired skill. A skill that can be learned by anyone. Here are the four stages you must travel through as you grow in generosity… Photo Courtesy of The…

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Why I Quit Tithing

Why I Quit Tithing (And Why You Should Too)!

Most people simply don’t understand tithing. To many Christians it seems like some sort of country club due. Another bill in the long list of monthly expenses. Giving is supposed to be an act of worship that draws you closer to the heart of God. Photo Courtesy of Then why is it that the…

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